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This page is for students enrolled in Java programming classes and workshops taught by Steve Putz and Robotics Learning.  If you have questions, email or phone 408-910-1176. (See Below for General Java Resources)

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Greenfoot Java class materials 

The following class through the De Anza College Summer Extended Year Program
is planned for Summer 2015 -- enrollment opens in February 2015
Java Greenfoot Games and Simulations 
De Anza College Summer Extended Year Program
4 Weeks, Monday - Friday, 1 hour per day
Late June to mid July, 2015
(no class July 4)
Class Description:

Entering grades 7th-9th - Class size is limited to 16 students. 

Greenfoot provides a framework for easily programming interactive 2-D simulations and games based on a World and Actor model. Programming concepts and techniques are introduced and practiced through a series of fun programming examples such as creating physics simulations, simple interactive games, and programming a wheeled "Finch" robot. 

Students will use the Java programming language to define objects, variables and methods for implementing their simulations and games. Class sessions include time to work on the programs with help from the instructor. Some homework time will be required to complete the lessons. 

Students should have a USB flash drive to take their class work home. Cost includes materials and classroom use of laptop computers for each student. Students should not bring their personal laptop computers to class.

See and and and the bottom of this web page for more information.   This 4-week class provides 19 hours of classroom instruction. 

 Instructor: Steve Putz.  This class will be at Kennedy Middle School. To enroll, see

  • If you are enrolled in this class, the instructor will give you a login and password at the first class, for accessing the Class Materials web page.  Or email to get a login and password (include the student name and class period). 
  • IMPORTANT: Each student should bring a USB flash drive to class for keeping copies of their programs between classes, and to work on at home. 

Past Class Lessons and Notes
Greenfoot Class Lessons and Notes BlueJ Class Lessons and Notes
Oct 12, 2014 SVCC Java Greenfoot
Summer 2014 Java Greenfoot Summer 2014 Java BlueJ
Summer 2013 Java Greenfoot Summer 2013 Java BlueJ
Summer 2012 Java Greenfoot
Spring 2012 Java Greenfoot
Summer 2012 Java BlueJ
Summer 2011 Java Greenfoot
March 2011 Java Greenfoot
January 2011 Java Greenfoot
Summer 2011 Java BlueJ

January 2011 Java BlueJ

Summer 2010 Java Greenfoot
September 2010 Java BlueJ
Summer 2010 Java BlueJ
September 2009 Java BlueJ
April 2009 Java BlueJ
February 2009 Java BlueJ
October 2008 Java BlueJ
February 2008 Java BlueJ
Fall 2006 Java BlueJ
Other Class Lessons and Notes
March 2006 Intermediate Java with NetBeans
September 2005 Beginning Java with NetBeans

General Java Resources

Books Online Comments
Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot
Object-Oriented Programming in Java with Games and Simulations
Safari Books Online
Some lessons in my classes
are adapted from this book.
Objects First with Java
A Practical Introduction using BlueJ
CourseSmart Some exercises in my classes
are adapted from this book.
Java - Objects First:
An Introduction to Computer Programming using Java and BlueJ
Download PDF I have not reviewed this book
Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents Download PDF I have looked at this book, but
I have not used it in my classes.
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