SVCC Greenfoot Workshop Software Installation
Workshops at Silicon Valley Code Camp - October 12, 2014

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Instructor Steve Putz

This page contains materials from the Java programming workshops at Silicon Valley Code Camp on October 12, 2014.

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Workshop Description

Greenfoot provides a framework for easily programming interactive 2-D simulations and games based on a World and Actor model. Programming concepts and techniques are introduced and practiced through a series of fun programming examples such as creating simple interactive games and simulations. Students will use the Java programming language to define objects, variables and methods for implementing their simulations and games. During the workshop, attendees will be introduced to Greenfoot and Java programming, view and run sample programs, and write Java code to add functionality and create new programs. Students should bring a laptop computers to class, with the Greenfoot software and Java development kit (JDK) installed as described at The sample programs and examples from the instructor's web site ( should also be downloaded prior to the workshop. Note Greenfoot session 1 and session 2 will include different programming examples and challenges.

Workshop Lessons and Sample Programs:

Greenfoot (for Windows or Mac):

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