SolarBots FIRST LEGO League Team 2736

Hi, this is the web page for our Award Winning 2007 FIRST LEGO League team, the SolarBots!

At the 2007 Regional FLL Tournament in Berkeley, our robot scored our best ever: 215 points, and we received a Judge's Award!
We also participated in The First Ever Fantasy FLL Tournament
where we received 11 Awards and Trophies!
  • "We are the Champions" Award
  • Best Web Site
  • Best Use of Video Games
  • Efficient Programming
  • Simplest Robot Design
  • Biggest Robot
  • Tag-Team Award
  • Mythbuster Award
  • Best Team T-Shirt
  • Best Hair
  • Expert Testimony Award

Energy Audit

This is the house we used in our energy audit:

We used Stagecast Creator to make an Energy House simulation of the house we used in our energy audit.  We added some appliances from the real house to the energy house simulation.  Every appliance can be turned on and off.  We have:

Cick Here to try the EnergyHouse Simulation

We also made a Robot Race game to learn how to use Stagecast.

Click here to play the Robot Race Game

This is our project board:

This is our robot.  Our best score in practice was 195 points, and at the tournament we scored 215 points! ! !